Anne Alston, BMWOC Creator & Host


Anne Alston is the very definition of ambition and determination!  With more than 26 years of Small Business Development, Career Transition, and Professional Development experience, her skills and knowledge has only fueled her passion to connect and teach others. This ultimately resulted in her creating the Business Men and Women of Color Podcast platforms, an online global podcast and magazine medium that promotes small business owners, speakers and authors. Her main goal was to create a platform that can be used to spread useful information as well as inspire youth, college students, and working professionals to seek different and unique careers or business practices. Boy, did she ever do it!
Those who have participated in this platform has gone on to elevate their business in some way via starting their own podcast, or launching their business, or even seeking out other areas of career interests. To date Anne has interviewed 168 participants, 235 businesses across the country.  How was she able to do all of this?  Read her story below.
“My passion behind creating these amazing BMWOC platforms were based on my experiences of being an emerging small business owner and inspiring Information Technology Professional.  During that time, I ran into a lot of challenges; and at the same time, I was working on elevating my professional career. Even with success, I still was not fulfilling my true purpose.  I knew that I was destined to do something bigger than myself and who knew this would be it! My journey was tough and sometimes overwhelming because there were many things I did not know about when starting a business or how to make the next career jump.  But, through talking with experts and mentors, I was able to get the information I needed, overcome my obstacles, and make informed decisions about my life and business. From those experience, I saw a need to create a platform in which others can do the same.
"I created the BMWOC platform to provide a bridge for you to not only share, but to connect with those who have what you need, and for them to get what you have.  For me, I get to learn a great deal more about different people, cultures, professions, and industries from around the world. So, when you join the BMWOC platform, you are connecting with a host of other professionals who are also looking to elevate their personal and professional life with you.  So what better way to give back than to join a community in which we can all share the same experiences. . . together.”