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Positioning Myself to Win the Money Game







Dr. Cozette M. White is an acclaimed bestselling author, nationally recognized accounting and tax expert and speaker. Dr. White is the founder of My Financial Home Enterprises, a global financial consulting firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax and business management services for professional service businesses.

Over the years she has helped thousands of clients, build their own successful companies and realize their dream of running their own mini-empires. Living the dream. Dr. Cozette believes that successful leaders such as herself have a duty to share their knowledge and facilitate the success of others. To that end, she strives to ensure that each business she coaches builds upon the three pillars of social impact, community engagement, and diversity.

Dr. White’s company, My Financial Home, has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fox, UPScale, the Huffington Post, ABC, The Morning Blend, and named one of The Boss Network’s top 50 companies two years in a row. As Cameka Smith, Founder, and CEO of the Boss Network put it, “without question she is brilliant at teaching others to leverage their unique gifts and qualities into a financial windfall.”


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