Accounting – The Importance of CPA Services

AccountingEvery business should have a sound accounting company that can help with your finances. If you not, rethink how important it is to the success of your organization. This amazing speaker will give us some tips on the importance of having an accountant and its benefits.

Titi Sonekan is truly a modern day renaissance woman.  She developed many companies with the goal of helping small businesses, start-ups and not-for-profit organizations.  Her passion for supporting causes led her working for not-for profits as a Financial Executive.  She founded Jamboroo, Inc. in order to help not-for profit organizations raise money through an e-commerce platform, and My Accountant Group to further accomplish helping small businesses to succeed.

She has over 15 years of accounting and finance experience, from crunching numbers and helping to develop many businesses and organizations in the non- profit world and beyond. Her work experience encompasses senior financial leadership roles with the National League of Cities, the Center for Association Executive, Family Matters and the National Association of Young Children. She has also worked with many prestigious organizations including Riggs National Bank of Washington D.C., Citizens Bank of Maryland, Chevy Chase Bank, Pace Inc. and Providence Hospital.

As a certified public accountant and experienced chief financial officer, she has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, formulating sources of funds for nonprofit organizations and managing their finances. She has the motivation to make a difference in organizations, which are mission driven to help the greater community. As a result, she aspires to develop a company, which will actively contribute towards fulfilling that mission and help organizations achieve their goals and amplify their results.

Thus far, Titi’s career shows that she is a proactive leader and is able to solve complex problems and consistently produce strong, substantive results.

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