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Moms BetterDominique Quarles is the Founder of MomsBetterLiving.com.

I’m a Personal Development and Relationship Transformation Coach with an MBA who built and sold a 6-figure online business and enjoyed lots of success as a business analyst. I also have a certification in NLP, which aids in my scientific strategies of transformation. Additionally, I teach women how to tap into their authenticity, create self-love and care for their health, release past pain points, and live with abundance in order to attract loving, Godly relationships. God/ Universe, whatever you believe in is major key for me and the clients I coach. The relationship I found with God led me to discover a deeper meaning to my life and allowed me to love myself first.

I created a signature program, Adjust Your Crown: Creating an Abundant Life with Purpose and Passion in 21 days for Queenly women who desire to embrace the creative possibilities of living more confident, happier, less stressed lives filled with the abundance of authenticity, passion, and meaning. I also have a empowerment group, Better Living, Better Health, for people who are ready to show up, stand out, and make big changes to loving themselves and living powerfully. It attracted traffic, generated income, and ultimately brought in clients who wanted to re-discover themselves and live anew.

After my initial success in the world of online business, I found a passion for health and transformation. I needed to get my mind and spirit right, so I decided to dive into online life coaching for myself. I became an expert in how my own mind works and soon changed the way I saw myself and how I lived over the past four years! I couldn’t believe it when friends and family started coming up to me complimenting my new changes and new thinking.

Deeply connected to my previous successes, I decided to take my coaching business online. I’d seen so many other successful coaches do it, and I knew there was room for me too. But my initial efforts were a huge challenge, and my heart took a hit when my marriage began to crumble.

I found myself crying in my closet asking GOD for help! After running from God for years I finally decided to stop doing things my way. In 2015, the birth of my daughter, and the end of my marriage motivated me to find my purpose. I decided to learn how to be a life coach. The will to trust God and to stop allowing depression to control my life opened doors for my second chance at life.

I took it as an invitation to find a way to help other women from my heart – and so my first coaching business was born. I received my certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming) in 2016 from the TransformDestiny Program. The work I have done to get to my transformation and help others achieve their own success has powered me to work with many groups, organizations, and podcasts.



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