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Youth and Money

youthWill Owens is a 26 year old millennial that is one of the top business networkers and Financial Literacy Subject Matter Experts in the world.

He is known as the Millennial Money Mentor and knows a great deal about youth and money.  He has earned his insurance and investment licenses in order to educate others on money and how to use it to gain wealth.

When it comes to living a lifetime of experiences at an early age, Will has done that.  He has founded a successful 140-member organization called the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. (Brothers Respecting Open Thought Helping Every-Man Realize His Own Original Dream) in 2012 before earning an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Will played College and Semi-Pro basketball before turning down his Professional contracts to play in Europe and China, so that he could take something more secured in the corporate world.  He climbed the corporate ladder for FedEx Ground Headquarters and PepsiCo before resigning to assist in raising his brothers due to his mother being diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer at the age of 45 and eventually passing away 10 months later on June 11, 2016.

Will turned the devastating situation of his mother’s passing into a positive opportunity for impact by creating a company named WOW Mentoring, LLC.  WOW Mentoring’s mission is to help others win life through utilizing God’s principles.  WOW stands for #WeOnlyWin.

Through building up an organization and business Will has implemented a host of networking skills and tools to gain traffic from various crowds.  He is an integral part of the Millennial Marketing Machine.


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