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Behavioral Health: Suicide Prevention for Veterans and Their Families

Miguel Sierra is the Founder of ABSolute Life, LLC

Miguel is a recently retired US Army veteran who spent the last 10 years on Active Duty serving as a Behavioral Health Clinic Non-Commissioned Officer-In-Charge (Missouri, Virginia, and Hawaii), Suicide Prevention Coordinator (ACE, ASIST Certified), Provider Resiliency Program Manager (US Army AMEDDC&S Certified), Drug and Alcohol Counselor (US Army AMEDDC&S Certified), and Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (Dept. of Defense Credentialed). While in the Army, Miguel developed a passion for helping and motivating Soldiers to excel by providing them with the skills necessary to excel in their careers by providing them with the tools necessary to make sound decisions, take care of themselves and their Battle Buddies, and face adversity head on and fearlessly. The result was a more a more cohesive unit which accomplished each mission effectively, in a timely manner, and with a sense of pride in their work. As Staff Sergeant Sierra, Miguel Conducted over 900 trainings in the National Capital Region (Fort Belvoir, Quantico, The Pentagon, Fort Myer) and Hawaii (Schofield Barracks, Tripler Army Medical Center).

Now Retired, Miguel decided to bring that same passion to the private sector and help companies, organizations and schools bring the best out of their employees, members, students and faculty. He reached out to his longtime friend and business partner, Mr. Rob Brown, CEO of ABSoulute Fitness, to offer guidance and collaborate on coming up with the best way to materialize his vision, and after long hours brainstorming, planning and executing, ABSoulute Life was born.

Who are we?
We are a team dedicated to developing a sense of community and accountability for self and others. Through interactive workshops, we strive to enhance teamwork, professional readiness, compassion, self-care, resiliency, and suicide intervention skills. We empower the participants with tools and techniques that are easy to apply and proven effective in developing team cohesion within organizations of various sizes.

Mission:  Our mission is to boost the morale, hence productivity, in your organization through the enhancement of self-help, respect, empathy, teamwork and accountability among its members to maximize their performance.

Our Workshops

Make the Dream Work (team building)
“Teamwork makes the dream work!” we have all heard that phrase at some point in our lives, and when it comes to a professional setting, nothing could be truer. Our Make the Dream Work-shop is an interactive workshop where participants are paired in small groups and given tasks that require them to work as a team. They will be challenged to engage in productive debates, understand diversity, explore their own tolerance and develop trust in one another.

Shine Bright (workplace resilience)
In any professional environment, we will face setbacks, make mistakes, struggle, have bad days. In layman’s terms, resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from difficulty, misfortune or chance. It means to be mentally tough, and ready to stand up, dust off and get back in the fight. Our Shine Bright workshop will explore how to avoid professional fatigue (dim bulb) and burnout (no good bulb), while developing individual plans to maintain what we call professional satisfaction (bright bulb). Our team’s ability to individualize this training to meet each participant’s needs is the key to the effectiveness of this workshop.

Physical Fitness: Your Key to A Healthy Mind (self-care)
In this workshop, we explore the correlation between physical fitness and behavioral health. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how a regular exercise routine can positively impact their overall mood, self-esteem, energy, and productivity. We also offer an optional 2nd session, The Body Shop, to assist participants in determining their fitness level and provide them with encouragement through tips and guidance on how to incorporate physical training to their routines.

Zero Tolerance (sexual harassment)
Our most straight-forward presentation, Zero Tolerance is more a guided roundtable discussion than a workshop. Participants explore the effects of sexual harassment in the workplace, beyond legal consequences. The discussion is centered around respect, morale, and productivity. We discuss the different types of harassment, their impact, and how to address them. Although our goal is to ensure our participants walk away with an understanding of how sexual harassment affects others and the organization’s morale and productivity, we are also able to expand into the legal consequences of SH at the request of your organization.

I’m Your Lifeline (suicide Prevention)
Suicide is real. As a society we tend to be reactive to suicide, ignore the topic until after the fact, instead of proactive. When someone commits suicide, or even attempts it, it affects families, communities, and the workplace. Sadness, anger, resentment, unanswered questions, and guilt can all negatively impact morale and productivity of any setting.
Here at ABSoulute Life, we take a “human approach” to dealing with Suicide. Our workshops interactively tackle the issue head on, and provide guidance on how to approach, care for, and get professional assistance for someone that is suicidal.


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