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Bullying Built a Platform to Become a Kid Mogul

Christon “The Truth” Jones, CEO, Award Winning Certified Les Brown Speaker, Best Selling Author, and MVP All-American Youth Football Player – helps people by reviewing their game plan and getting them to perform at peak levels. The Truth uses his own compelling personal story of being bullied on the football field, to show that regardless of where you start or what your personal challenges may be, that anything is possible if you are willing to set goals, have a plan, and take action.

Motivational Speaker and Kidpreneur, The Truth has overcome obstacles most people would consider impossible for a kid his age. The Truth’s life reads like a great sports Cinderella story; the kind where the underdog has to look within himself to defy impossible odds to reach the promised land.

At seven, The Truth’s world begins to change when his dream of playing football turns into a nightmare. He became depressed and hopeless as he dealt with bullying on the football field by his teammates. His coach had labeled him as a bench player that did not add any value to the team. The Truth was driven to win by his faith in God and the powerful bond he shares with his mother. He held firmly to the belief that he was never alone, even in his darkest hour. He realizes that in order to win, he had to look within himself because, it was an inside job.

At eight, The Truth had written his first book, The Win Within to deal with and teach others the valuable life lessons about bullying in youth sports. He sold over 500 books in less than 90 days. Today he’s a successful entrepreneur, a 3-time Football All-American, Best-Selling Author, and a International Keynote Speaker.






The Truth possesses the skill to effectively and creatively put his thoughts and passion into words and creates a conversation and story and audience can interact and understand. The Truth’s message and approach are simple but profound: focus on a GPA (Goals, Plans, and Action).

Going from being bullied and sitting on a bench to VMP All-American Football Payer, The Truth has a unique perspective to share. A thought-leader in those areas. The Truth continuously contributes to the ongoing discussion around bullying, goals, and entrepreneurships.





Janel Jones known as the Money Mindset Multi-Millionaire Mogul Mom, and is a beast at getting you to change your mindset to raise your young moguls to go from dream up to start up to level up.

She’s a 21 year military officer and certified John Maxwell Coach that has a proven system to break your auto-pilot mindset.  She focuses on the prefrontal cortex of the brain that’s responsible for complex thought.

Her favorite saying is “those that look outside dream, those who look inside awake the beast inside of them.



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