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Continuing to P.O.W.E.R. Through Mental Illness













Andrea is an accomplished writer, national speaker, mentor, mental health advocate, and talk show host. She earned her Associates in Human Services, Bachelors in Communication, and Masters in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. 

​Andrea published her novel, Affairs to Remember with Publish America, and has self published What’s In A Name? and The Crazy Conversation workbooks that are the catalyst for her mental health workshops of the same name. She is currently wrapping up her autobiography.

​Andrea is the mother of two grown sons and five beautiful grandchildren. As a single mother, with a GED education, she struggled to raise her children. Frequently homeless, often working two or three jobs at a time, she couldn’t understand why she struggled with depressive, and often suicidal, thoughts and then severe bouts of overwhelming elation that often exhausted those around her. In 2006 Andrea was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD which sent her into a tailspin of denial and disbelief. After a year of turmoil and hardship, Andrea began to seek help and discovered there were others who were experiencing some of the same mental health challenges she faced. Drea also learned that people began to lose themselves in their diagnosis, this revelation inspired the What’s In A Name? workshop. This workshop has helped people, nationwide, to rediscover themselves outside of their individual diagnosis.

​Andrea has strong faith and is committed to being obedient to God and as a result she was inspired to launch The Crazy Conversation workshop. Many people, in the mental health community, are encouraged to pray away their symptoms and diagnosis. This workshop was designed to advocate for mental health wellness through scripture and prayer while promoting ambition and self love.

Andrea is a member of the Lift Your Voice to the Stars Toastmasters Club. She has been apart of a team of keynote speakers during the Mental Health Channel launch and at NAMI Maryland Conferences. Drea is featured in the National Training video for first responders hosted by SAHMSA and the African American version of the Mental Health 101 video for NAMI. She was honored with an award from The University of Phoenix for her community service contributions.

​Today, Andrea lives with her husband in Baltimore, Maryland. She continues to advocate for individuals with mental health challenges and successes with the introduction of her online talk show, We Are One!





Listen to her 2017 BMWOC Podcast Interview: http://bmwocpodcast.com/real-talk-mental-wellness-success/


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