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Environmental Medicine: Healing from Within the Home

Gregory Rynard Hunter, affectionately referred to as “The Incredible Gregory Hunter,” or “Mr. Incredible” for short, is the Founding Owner and CEO of Hunter Cleaning Services of Takoma Park, MD. He’s a Quilly Award Winning Best-Selling Author, a USA Today Game-Changer, a Master of Success as seen in the Wall Street Journal and Inc Magazine, and Newsweek Magazine’s Next Big Thing. Hunter has also written for HomeCare Magazine.

Gregory R Hunter is a renaissance man whose Thought-Leadership broad interests, diverse talents, and unconventional and innovative thinking birthed his creation of the new paradigm of the healthcare industry called Home Environmental Medicine. He is the author of the forthcoming book Intensive Cleaning and Home Environmental Medicine and the host of the online TV show titled “The Home Environmental Medicine Show with Incredible Gregory Hunter.

He attributes his development of intensive home cleaning as a form of medicine to his Hemi-Sync brain. Hemi-Sync is short for the clinical term Brain Hemisphere Synchronization, which is a state of coherence where the right and left brain hemispheres experience high levels of activity simultaneously. This makes him highly intuitive, a visionary artist on one hand and highly analytical and technical minded on the other. This enables him to sense energy and auras, analyze and identify environmental links and triggers to specific physiological responses that impede the healthy function of the brain and systems of the human body.

The Home Environmental Medicine™ Show hosted by “The Incredible Gregory Hunter” will be 13 episodes and focuses on remedies to the broad dynamics of environmental health traps that impede caregiver performance and patient care and recovery in the home setting. The show will be distributed on The Success Network, available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Gregory is an indigenous American born in Washington, DC, with the advantage of city, rural and international experiences which broaden his understanding of people in context. He has provided his niche brand services to seniors, people in recovery and people with disabilities in over 8000 cleaning sessions throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area since 1994.












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