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Four Core Areas of Dialectical Behavior Therapy








Miranda N Dennis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of New York and Virginia, the only Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapist (DBT) in Hampton Roads and owner of Oasis Clinical Counseling Services.

Miranda’s practice goes beyond traditional talk therapy; her vision is to promote real world skills in efforts to help individuals, groups, organizations and communities progress toward their goals, thus promoting change. As a result of working with Ms. Dennis clients, organizations and communities build a life they find worth living by conquering limiting beliefs and releasing painful experiences while grabbing hold of their faith so that they can walk in their God ordained purpose.

As an inspirational speaker, Ms. Dennis is very passionate about educating the church and community that both therapy and prayer can co exist as effective methods of healing. She is further committed to influencing and inspiring Christian singles to live their best life and walk in their God ordained purpose, regardless of their marital status. Ms. Dennis’s online face book communities: Therapy and Prayer and SOS; Season of singleness are platforms of support and inspiration. Therapy and Prayer was created out of an understanding that as a Christian and Mental Health provider there is a gaping hole of disconnect. We have people in the pews struggling with their mental health or that of a family member and no safe place to get support without condemnation. The SOS community is for Christian singles to grow, connect, and encourage one another and to gather resources that will support them through this season. SOS is a community for those who are ready to or for those who are already waking in their season of singleness with joy and purpose.

Ms. Dennis is the author of My Ordered steps: A Dialectical Behavior Therapy based Wellness Planner for Christians balancing social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. This planner is ideal for the individual who are tired on feeling stuck emotionally and spiritually and are ready to live the life they are ordained to live. My Ordered Steps seeks to strengthen faith and improve emotional stability from a biblical perspective while using key elements of an evidenced based treatment model.


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