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From Distribution Management to Career Transition Services

As President and CEO of NetKi Enterprises, Nanette Kirk’s vision was to create a vehicle to share her love of writing, storytelling and encouraging others.

Faced with the uncertainty of being downsized, Nanette embraced concepts learned from a career transition company to write her own resume. Fascinated with receiving multiple offers, she settled in a management career while still helping friends and families with their resumes. Soon, she uncovered a gap between qualified candidates and hiring companies. Leveraging her management skills and her resume writing experience, she formed NetKi Enterprises.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana to her police officer father and LPN mother, Nanette Kirk was taught the importance of education. Attending public schools early and “bused” to a suburban school as a result of desegregation, Nanette later graduated from Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis.  Out of high school, Nanette attended Indiana University for a time and eventually secured A.S. and B.S. in degrees Business and a MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. Fascinated with writing and storytelling since a child, Nanette founded NetKi Enterprises in 2003 as a vehicle to share her love of writing, storytelling and encouraging others. An author of fiction books, Nanette published her first novel, Familiar Strangers, Changing Faces in 2010.

Helping Clients Share their Career Story.

Experiencing the scary uncertainty of being downsized, Nanette embraced concepts learned from a career transition company. As a result, Nanette was able to write her own professional resume resulting in multiple job offers. After several years in management, Nanette faced a new dilemma – a gap between qualified applicants and hiring companies. Encouraged by her own results and of others she helped, Nanette formed NetKi Enterprises, LLC in 2013. By 2016/2017, the business formally added several career products and services. After working with many clients, Nanette discovered another issue: Fear keeps people from doing great things.

Helping people shed their fear.

Through conversations with clients, Nanette found that many lacked confidence and are afraid to operate outside of their comfort zone. After spending time coaching and encouraging others, Nanette wanted to meet the needs of those who needed encouragement. In 2017, NetKi Enterprises transitioned again to include motivational resources. In this effort, the brands, No Fear Movement, Moving in Faith and Today Chronicles were introduced.

Inspire. Motivate. Encourage.

Helping others realize their full potential has been Nanette’s mission.  She has demonstrated her mission by helping hundreds of clients’ careers through professional resume and career coaching services.  Nanette has literally hired thousands of employees across levels giving her insight into what hiring companies are looking for. As President and CEO of NetKi Enterprises, she has led the company in providing over 20 diverse product and service offerings under the arms of NetKiEnt Career Services and NetkiEnt Inspiration. As a speaker, Nanette has talked about building an effective career strategy, moving forward despite challenges and other career and motivational topics. Nanette is also a published author of a fiction book, Familiar Strangers, Changing Faces available at lulu.com and amazon. Her second book, When Do I Get to The Good Part? is scheduled for release in 2018.

Nanette’s career and life’s journey has made her somewhat of a nomad living and travelling internationally. Currently based in Maryland, Nanette splits her time between Indiana and Maryland.


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