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Government Contracting: Ensuring that No Opportunity is Missed for Veterans Business Owners






Dr. Cassandra Bradford-Wilson is a community and civic leader whose platform is to change how small business owners think, how the world views the entrepreneur, and how we ourselves define success. In more definitive terms, Cassandra’s passion is within her vision and purpose and how it transitions into leaving a legacy.

Owner of several businesses of 18 years, Cassandra has championed, not only for her own business, but has worked effortlessly to search for opened doors that will catapult small businesses everywhere—even towards success. As a CERTIFIED minority/woman owned business she understands that opportunities exists everywhere….at our local and state governments, nationally, and even at the corner grocery store. Business is built upon strong reciprocal relationships. Whether capturing business for her companies, Cassandra is helping others form an alliance to build big-ger, stronger businesses—an empire worth being proud of.

Dr. Cass is the founder of the acclaimed “Run Women’s Conference”, a movement to help women professionals and entrepreneurs to “Calibrate to Dominate”. We are women on the upward move—strategists and “shakers”. We transition from mediocre to supreme. We are superwomen incarnate. Running towards our vision, purpose and authority.


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