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Holding On To Your Dream: Helping Students With Their Degree Program

Having faith, hope, and perseverance, Tristan Jackson obtained a Bachelors of Business Administration in Human Resource Management  and Masters of Public Administration from Lamar University.

Raised by a single parent, she determined to break the generational curses in her family. For the last 7 years, she has worked in Higher education as an Academic Advisor. Making sure that every student she comes in contact is aware of every opportunity available to them in college. Determined to share her story about over obstacles and challenges, to attend college.

Dream the Impossible was released in 2015. Dream the Impossible is the true story of Tristan Jackson. She reveals her struggles and accomplishments over life’s adversities through Christianity and faith in God. The book is full of Tristan’s life stories and tips on how to achieve success through higher education. Additionally, Tristan is the author of three books, her latest titled “College Success Guide”. God has allowed her the gift of writing. Though the path of Tristan Jackson life remains clouded by the mysterious mist of the future, of one thing she is sure: no matter what her priorities in life may become, she will always keep God first. She prays through her books, academic advising, speaking and helping, I want to inspire everyone to reach their dreams. I want to reach the silent voices in the world that are searching for hope. I am a witness to God’s favor and how you can rise above your situation.

In addition to serving as a mentor and coach in her role as an academic advisor, Ms. Jackson is active in her community through her participation in hosting events like, Back to School Prayer Care of Love (toiletry drive for seniors), Pre-Mother’s Day Dinner and College 101 prep event.

Tristan Jackson authored the following publications:  Books Dream the Impossible , What to Do When Life Give You Lemons?, and the College Success Guide.



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