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Making the Right Move Towards Psychology

Lindsey Vertner’s drive for excellence and success push her to be an entrepreneur with many business ventures. As the founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC, she is most passionate about her work as a personal development coach for the overwhelmed woman – where she utilizes her unique perspective and coaching methods to push her clients to new limits. Lindsey is devoted to helping women live a passionate life full of purpose, balance, and the happiness they deserve. She is also a co-founder of The Unleashed Woman – a company that connects women of all backgrounds through empowerment and networking opportunities and events.

A major car wreck in 2007 had multiple medics pronouncing Lindsey brain dead and paralyzed. Amongst a multitude of injuries and battling to live, Lindsey acquired an amazing and rare outlook on life from this traumatic experience. She uses her gifts and her unparalleled outlook to push her clients to success.

As a captivating speaker, not only does she motivate and inspire her audiences through her words, but she challenges and encourages them to lean on her and take action in that very moment. She strives to leave every person feeling better than they did before. Her bubbly personality and bright smile often precede her. Lindsey’s business in the direct sales industry as a Sexual Health Educator allows her to connect with women of all backgrounds.

LIndsey’s goal is to keep married women married, single women safe, and all women educated. Lindsey is graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and from Liberty University with a master’s in Professional Counseling and Life Coaching. Lindsey currently resides in Indiana with her husband and two miracle children.


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