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Oriental Medicine: Raising Awareness of Fertility & Reproductive Health for Women

De’Nicea Hilton is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and NCCAOM Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and serves women online as well as in her Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine practice in Temple Terrace, FL.

Saving uteruses and making babies is the life of De’Nicea Hilton, Period & Fertility Strategist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She works with women who are calling out of work or cancelling plans to only be stuck in bed all day curled up with a heating pad taking medication after medication to alleviate her pain from her period. Or, she has been trying so hard to have a baby getting test after test and spending thousands on fertility treatments to no avail and to only be left confused when she’s been told everything looks normal.

These women come seeking holistic methods to support their quest not only for period relief or positive pregnancy test, but for overall health and wellness. De’Nicea creates holistic strategy plans designed for her to have more regular, less painful periods and increased fertility.

Having learned from missing work and school due to painful periods herself, De’Nicea now guides women to nourish their mind, body, and spirit daily with nutrition, herbal therapy, and lifestyle changes based on her own period type just as she did. The complications with painful periods, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, amenorrhea, and infertility become a thing of the past.

Women feel empowered through learning more about her body and using her menstrual cycle as a source of information guiding her as to what she needs. It is this increased knowledge and awareness that women become their best advocate.

When not working individually with women, De’Nicea is speaking or conducting workshops to increase awareness about the difference between a “normal” and a healthy menstrual cycle and encouraging the use of holistic methods for overall women’s health vs. medications or surgeries with harsh side effects that only manage symptoms.

Companies are particularly interested in De’Nicea speaking on the importance of self-care or complementing their health packages by providing this information to their female employees to decrease absenteeism, tardiness, productivity loss and increasing health costs due to menstrual cycle and fertility problems.

Understanding not all women have access to menstrual health education and menstrual products, she founded the Sisters of Flow Foundation. With the foundation, she’s been able to donate more 7,000 products to women and girls who are homeless in the Tampa Bay area from the generous donations of the community. “She’s already dealing with a lot (whether from trauma, relocation or more) and not having products for her period should be the least of her worries,” says De’Nicea. Through her endeavors, De’Nicea is providing other options to help women preserve their uterus and optimize fertility holistically.


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