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Publishing: Editing and Proofreading – What is Your Plan A?

Sharman J. Monroe, Esq., a native Washingtonian, suddenly retired from the practice of law in 2008 to begin a new journey in her life. In 2008, she started Sharman Enterprises, LLC, which has grown into a successful business focused on residual wealth and empowerment coaching through owning a home-based, global e-commerce business built around essential services everyone uses everyday. She has coached hundreds of individuals to become entrepreneurs who successfully compete in today’s global economy and work to eliminate childhood hunger.

Ms. Monroe is also a writer and pens the world-renowned blog, My Journey to Me-The Discovery, which focuses on personal development. In addition, she manages and contributes to the Anointed Women in Christ Blog, writing inspirational Christian-focused articles to uplift women. From 2014 to 2016, she was a monthly newsletter contributor to Whine and Cheese, a non-profit organization designed for women to support each other as “they whine about the stresses of life and cheese (smile) in acknowledgement of their blessings.” Ms. Monroe’s first book, The PLAN A Way to Success, is a manual outlining God’s instructions for success in today’s world and contains stories from her blog showing how she used the instructions in her life.

In 2015, she received an award from AAAE (African American Authors Expo) for her book. Divine Voice Magazine called her book an “… honest conversation to help readers take an introspective look at their own personal development.” Because of her extensive writing experience, Ms. Monroe extended her business in 2016 to include editing and proofreading book manuscripts of writers, especially writers seeking to self-publish, with an eye toward enhancing their content. She proudly calls this extension “It’s Your Voice, Only Better!” To date, she has edited and proofread over twenty books.



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