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Selling Yourself to Obtaining Business Credit

Cedric Butler is the Founder of New Era Success, LLC

Business credit is an area of financing that every entrepreneur needs to be aware of and focus time in establishing. Without spending dedicated time and resources to building the company’s business credit the entrepreneur is missing out on the single largest source of income in the world.

You can build business credit regardless of your personal credit….get credit that’s linked to your EIN regardless of your SSN credit quality. Business credit accounts only report to business reporting agencies, so utilization and inquires have no effect on your personal reports.

Get HIGH limit business credit accounts…per SBA business credit approval limits are 10-100 times higher than consumer credit limits. Get business credit with no collateral or financials….even as a startup business you can still get business credit as no tax returns or collateral are required for approval.

Secure business credit with no personal liability…no longer do you need to personally guarantee your business debts keeping your families finance safe.z

Having business credit established increases loan approval….increase your chances of getting higher-dollar bank loans

Anyone can see your business credit reports including prospects, clients and competitors….insure your business financial picture is represented the way it should be by building your business credit.



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