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Shift Your Mindset to Do It: Marketing and Desktop Publishing

As a teenage survivor of Human Trafficking and later becoming a victim of Domestic Violence, Aniesha (Anni) Whitt has experienced ache in the very depths of her soul.

Today, she is a living testimony that the power of positive thinking and a strong spiritual foundation can provide supernatural comfort that not only sustains her, but has allowed her to feel true joy again. Anni boldly shares with audiences how she was able to transform what could have easily devastated her life forever into a service that blesses all who hear her incredible testimony.

Anni is currently offering an e-course that teaches other entrepreneurs the step-by-step process she used to start a profitable Desktop Publishing business in 2016. Her company Pivotal Advertising Services produced the successful local magazine Coupons and Classifieds Toledo. That endeavor put Anni Whitt in the fellowship of some of the Toledo, Ohio’s most prominent figures. It is her passion and purpose to help raise other women up to their full potential.

She recently released a book detailing the experience she had as a young girl living a dark reality that so many never recover from. “My purpose for the memoir was not only to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in American cities, but also to uncover the truth to other survivors. And the truth is that no one can decide your life is over until you agree. Some of us feel so beaten down by an ex-husband, a failure, or even by parents and we believe that there is something special about successful or wealthy people. I want to inspire young women to see themselves as capable of doing great things and achieving their true desires, no matter what they have
been through.”





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