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Studying the Minds of People with Autism and Overcoming Heart Disease

Keisha Jones is a eight year educator in the District of Columbia with a Master’s degree in Teaching Special Education from Trinity University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Old Dominion University.

She is the self-published author of her very first book, “The Pieces of My Heart” and is currently working on her second self-published book, “Love Letters from the Heart.” She believes that the heart is the most vital part of the body spiritually and physically and diagnosed with a heart condition at the age of ten, she has learned some valuable lessons about how important her heart truly is.

Besides developing and supporting young minds in the classroom, Keisha aspires to move beyond the classroom and transform lives in the community and nationwide. She has past experience as a coordinator of the non-profit organization, Big Dreamz Inc. for the first chapter located in Washington, DC. This organization serves girls from elementary to high school and promotes self-esteem, giving back through volunteering, training in entrepreneurship, and much more. She has also been the guest speaker for Bowie Sisters United and the keynote speaker for the Collegiate 100 Black Women Induction Ceremony at Bowie State University in 2017.

Keisha currently launched her first Youtube channel titled, “A Heart to Heart w/ Keisha J.”, where she discusses her hard learned lessons in life and the journey to getting to know one’s purpose. Keisha strives to influence women of all ages by symbolizing that anyone has the power to persevere and attain any goal they set, despite major and unexpected setbacks, because God has equipped them with all that they need, as long as it continues to come from the heart.


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