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Tax and Accounting: Are You Leaving Money On The Table







Shan-Nel D. Simmons, EA MBA is a Christian, a woman, a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur. 

“My goal is to help individuals and businesses get out of trouble and stay out of trouble when it comes to their taxes and accounting.” Shan-Nel (pronounced like Chanel) D. Simmons, EA MBA is a fixer of tax and accounting problems. A former IRS revenue agent with several accounting degrees and corporate accounting experience, Shan-Nel is rare gem within the tax industry.

With over 15 years of experience, her career started humbly as a night audit manager at the Ramada Inn in Corpus Christi, TX at 18 years old where she revamped the entire audit process for increase reporting accuracy and transparency while reducing procedural redundancies within two months of hiring. “I was a fixer then and didn’t know it. But I have always enjoyed not only balancing the books but also creating systems for businesses and individuals that increase workflow speeds and reduce internal control weaknesses.”

Shan-Nel continued her accounting career by working for the corporate headquarters of companies such as First Data, Chevy Chase, JP Morgan, Aerotek, and Penn Parking. While moving up the corporate ladder, Shan-Nel earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration in Accounting, a MBA in Accounting and Finance, a graduate certificate in Advanced Accounting. She is currently completing a second master’s degree in Taxation from University of Baltimore. She is also federally licensed as an enrolled agent, a license that allows her to help people and businesses with their taxes in all 50 states; and she is a notary.

After almost ten years of corporate accounting work, Shan-Nel began working for the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent where she conducted audits of individuals and small businesses tax returns and financials. The audits would range in complexity from simple W-2 workers to multi-tiered partnerships with assets up to $10 million. Within her seven years of service to the IRS, Shan-Nel earned several outstanding achievement awards for her work, trained other revenue agents on corporate taxes and other technical tax issues, and regularly received positive feedback from taxpayers and practitioners for her tax knowledge, her genuinely outstanding customer service, and her fair application of the tax laws. “My past work experiences were my training grounds for the professional I am now.”

In 2016, Shan-Nel founded Nel’s Tax Help, LLC, a tax and accounting company based out of Maryland helping individuals and small businesses throughout the United States. “When I was a revenue agent, the one thing I would constantly hear during tax audits was ‘If I had someone like you I would not be in this mess’. After hearing this sentiment for the millionth time, I knew I had to make myself available to proactively solve people’s tax problems.” Since opening almost two years ago, Shan-Nel has helped solve the tax and accounting problems of clients in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, and California.

In addition to providing tax and accounting solutions, Shan-Nel is a public speaker where she provides tax advice on podcasts, as a keynote or featured speaker at conferences, and while serving as an expert on panels. She has written several tax-related articles and was featured as an expert on Credit Karma. She also an author. She authored A.S.K.ing for Success: My Faith Walk from Employee to Entrepreneur, and she co-authored Get It Done!: Building the Business of Your Dreams.

As the sole owner and worker of Nel’s Tax Help, Shan-Nel greatest joy comes from seeing her clients win their tax problems and conquer their accounting woes for their businesses and their lives. When she is not working, Shan-Nel is a wife of 12 years, and the parent of a spirited 2-year-old daughter. She also enjoys wine, cooking dinners for family and friends, smooth jazz and Prince, and great pedicures. “I’ve achieved many things thus far – and I’m not even 40 years old yet! Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to craft my own definition of success. I know I am living in my purpose because when I can help other business owners win with their taxes and accounting, I win too!”

You can learn more about Nel’s Tax Help and book a consultation session with Shan-Nel by visiting www.nelstaxhelp.com. Also, like Nel’s Tax Help on Facebook to receive free tax tips for your personal and business taxes.

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