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Technology, Web Development, and Teaching as a Career Coach

Bianca J. Jackson, MBA, PMP® is a former award-winning project manager with 12+ years of experience managing IT infrastructure, web, mobile, video, and VR/AR projects for Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Marriott, and USA Today.

Throughout her career, she managed tech, leadership, and diversity and inclusion projects.  Bianca was an award-winning project manager with 12+ years of experience managing small to large-scale IT projects (backend infrastructure, web, mobile, video, and virtual and augmented reality) for small organizations to Fortune 500 companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Marriott, and USA Today.  She was the project manager for USA Today’s Emerging Tech 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning project, The Wall VR, a multimedia experience which can be seen here:https://www.usatoday.com/border-wall/

At USA Today, she was nominated or volunteered for various programs and initiatives.  Bianca served as the department manager for Summer 2016 Product Summer Intern Program, was a member of the 22-person company-wide Diversity Council, co-lead for the Next Gen Forward Employee Resource Group, was a member of the African Americans and Women Forward Employee Resource Groups respectively, and a member of the Company Leadership Development Focus Group.

Now, as a full-time entrepreneur and curriculum consultant, she empowers individuals, organizations, and businesses and strives to make a social impact on communities through learning and storytelling. Her work has been featured in Glassdoor, The Washington Post, Forbes, and Tech Republic.

While working in the VR/AR space, it became apparent they were not many women and women of color producing content nor represented in content. Bianca’s goal is to inspire little girls and young women of color to pursue VR/AR and other forms of emerging technologies, i.e., machine learning and artificial intelligence.

She has spoken at nationally recognized conferences such as SXSW, Women, and Minorities in Tech, and Wonder Women Tech DC. Bianca was selected as an SH//FT diversity scholar for the Oculus Connect 4 virtual reality conference in 2017. Bianca is currently building a mindfulness VR app and was chosen as a Top 10 finalist for TOFI International’s HersOwnly Pitch Competition in Atlanta, GA in 2017 for the opportunity to win funding.

Bianca holds a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from Drexel University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Also, she earned a project management professional (PMP) designation from the globally recognized Project Management Institute (PMI).


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