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Discovering Your Purpose: Three Levels of Spirituality and Ministry

Dr. Joyce Braithwaite, CDKA is a Certified Life Coach and Former and Founding Pastor of Life Changing Word Christian Center.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, both her parents originated from Augusta Georgia. Dr. Braithwaite has served diligently in ministry and human services since a very young age. Her ministerial service and studies include United Foundation for Better Living. Under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman, The Brooklyn Truth Center under the leadership of the late Rev. Donn Nedd and the Rev. Marguerite Goodall, Religious Science under the tutelage of the late Dr. Stuart Grayson, Unity of New York with Eric Butterworth. During this time, she served 9 years as the only female senior pastor with United Covenant Churches of Christ under the leadership of Bishop Eric D. Garnes. Dr. Joyce Braithwaite, is Founder of United Foundation Christian Fellowships in the Holy Spirit, Inc.

Dr. Braithwaite is a worldwide much sought after conference speaker, Certified John Maxwell trainer, mentor and life transformational coach. She has traveled worldwide to include, Europe, Israel, Greece- Walking in the Footsteps of the Apostle Paul and South Africa. In 2012 Dr. Braithwaite led the Invocation for the New York City Council to represent female clergy of New York City for Women’s History month and at the White House African American Clergy meeting with the attendance of President Barack Obama. Dr. Braithwaite has been featured in Women of Wealth magazine spring 2015 issue a publication that showcase affluent women leveraging power and influence.

When she was called to the ministry, Dr. Braithwaite was serving as director of Human services programs throughout the city of New York where her visionary and gifts of human compassion allowed her to develop and oversee programs that supported and assisted in providing quality of life for children and their families. Her work received recognition in the form of a citation from the Speaker of the House Christine Quinn of the city of New York. Her education, compassion and experience undergirds her ability to provide transformational tools for changing lives.

Now in 2017 she lectures weekly on How to Live the Life of your Dream…Moving from Theory to Practice! “So many are over read and under done” The late Rev. Dr. Johnnie Coleman. UFBL She earned a Master’s of Divinity degree from New York Theological Seminary, She holds a Doctorate in Divinity and a PhD in Humane letters. CICA University & Seminary Dr. Braithwaite is a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. She is also a United Nations appointed Ambassador for Global Ministry, and she is a certified Chaplain

Dr. Braithwaite  earned and received multitude of certificates and awards.  Her latest achievement in 2017 is she is a recipient of The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from our 44th President Barack Obama. She is a member of the Coweta County Chamber of Commerce and NYC Chamber of Commerce.


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