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Taking Care of Kids at DayCare and Now Taking Care of Adults With Insurance

My name is Latoya Simmons . I am was born in a small town called Ahoskie, NC. Being a military brat by the age of 4 I then moved to Strasburg, Germany and lived there until the age of 11. The rest of my teen and adult years were spent in Lawton, Oklahoma until just recently moving to the Oklahoma City Area.  My story is a little different than some BUT relatable to those out there who had no clue what to do with my life after high school . I knew I needed to work and also knew that even though my family was a middle class family they did not have the money to put me through college.

I started working at a local childcare center and found that I was great with children. Children of all ages I seemed to do really well with but I specialized with Preschool up to School-age age groups . I would go on to be a part of this industry for 15 years and even opened a home daycare along the way( during this time I also realized that entrepreneurship would be a part of my future ).

But at age 31 (I’m now 33) after realizing I had done everything I could do in this arena . I had some college education but not a lot . I felt like there was more that I wanted for myself but I felt FEAR because the income I was making it would be hard to find starting in a new career at entry level . I utilized the skills that I had and went in the health insurance industry first .

Stepping out doing something new gave me a new confidence and I decided to go full fledge into the insurance industry and became an Agent specializing in Auto, Home, Life, Health, Commercial, and Retirement Insurance.

2017 was the start of this new journey and I felt that I had FINALLY found the career that fit my personality ( 100% extrovert) but also gave me the opportunity to help people , the freedom to create my own schedule, and get back to those true entrepreneurship goals I had always had as a young women.

This industry has been great to me thus far. It definitely is not easy because anything worth having will take hard work and dedication but when it is your passion something in your GUT will not allow you to STOP going. Through this journey I have realized that some find their niche early in life and others later but on both journeys there will be obstacles -never stop growing and never give up THERE TRULY IS ALWAYS A WAY TO MEET YOUR DREAMS. And a wise man once said (Tony Robbins) The impossible journey is the one you never begin.


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