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What It Takes to Be A Mechanic Professional

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Michael B. Alston is the Co-Founder of ALSTNTEC, LLC and Chairman of Destination Achievers Incorporated. He is also a seasoned 15-year professional mechanic in the Transportation Industry. Michael started his career in his mid-teen through meeting one of his neighbors in the area for which lived. From that day forward, his passion for mechanics and mechanical engineering has become his overall goal.

Currently working for the City of Greenbelt, Michael is a specialized Heavy/Medium Truck and certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanic which he is responsible for more than 200 automotive and heavy-duty trucks.

MIchael also have a passion to help the community. As Co-Founder of Alstntec, LLC and Chairman of Destination achievers, he works to provide logical services to ensure the operation of the program to help the community. His long-term goal is to education young men in the art of mechanics to ensure the continuation of this unique industry.


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