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Deborah A. Franklin is an author, media coach, speaker and entrepreneur. Deborah Franklin, believes that everyone can reach their fullest potential and ignite their power within if they change their mindset. She is the author of ‘adjectives’ and '21 Days 21 Minutes of Prayer & Meditation.' She is the host of Conversations w/Deborah Franklin and a co-host on “The Tea”, an book review talk show. Deborah as the host of an online radio show, which gives her the direct insight on how to empower you to rock the mic worldwide. She has been working as a media coach for several years with clients in the medical and entertainment industry.

Deborah uses her platform to allow other aspiring artist an outlet for their talents to shine. Her ultimate goal in life is to help others igniter the power within to propel them to their destiny while walking in their purpose into their destiny. Deborah has been an educator for over 10 years. She holds a BA in Communications and Masters in Educational Leadership . Deborah Franklin is a native of Houston, Texas where she accepted God into her life at a young age, and has continually been grounded and rooted in the word of God. She is on the path that God has predestined for her and embraces all that is encountered on her journey.









21 Days & 21 Minutes of Prayer and Meditation: https://www.amazon.com/21-Days-Minutes-Prayer-Meditation/dp/1387686399/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?keywords=21+days+21+minutes+of+prayer+and+meditation&qid=1550279834&s=gateway&sr=8-2-fkmrnull#customerReviews