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A Queen Who Paints From the Heart

Ingrid Long, Founder of iLong2Desyn is a self-taught painter whose love for art goes as deep as her roots in Soul City Mason, North Carolina. Today she lives in Charlotte North Carolina.

Her mantra is: “My work is my praise.  Whether I’m painting a canvas or crafting special fabrics, the goal is not only to provide an aesthetically pleasing product, but to create something that stimulates or empowers your artistic self.”

My relationship with art began when I saw my first abstract painting in my stepdad’s shop.  It was a large painting of what appeared to be a disfigured blue woman.  I clearly recall staring at the painting, wondering what her story could be.  I was even more fascinated that the artwork was what most people would have considered a flawed image.  My immediate thoughts were, “I wish I could do something like that”.  I loved how the artist created their own rules of what defined perfection and I dreamed of doing that too.

Art has always offered a great source of enjoyment for me.  I dabbled with arts and crafts growing up, but I never took any classes aside from prerequisite courses.  It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that I decided to buy supplies to develop pieces of work.  I wanted art for my home and disliked the options I saw in retail shops.  After sharing my work with friends and associates, I was introduced to other creatives like me, one of which hosted my first art showing in 2009.  I found that creating art was a healthy outlet for my thoughts, feelings and colorful visions.  My goal is to create art that will touch others the same way the painting of the blue woman touched me.  My themes are inspired by strong emotions, be it love, family, my faith or life in general.  Currently, I paint with acrylics on canvas using varied brush or palette strokes, based upon the level of intensity I wish to portray.  For instance, one of my favorite paintings, “Queen” represents the silent powerful strength of my mother.  I typically use more fluid strokes for emotion, but for that painting I used short, precise strokes instead to show the strength behind her beauty.  I enjoy making beautiful things, so I am willing to use any medium to achieve that effect.

I have learned so many things on my art journey.

  1. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines! Be daring and try new colors.
  2. Be authentic.  Discover your own style.
  3. Most importantly, be true to yourself.  True happiness comes from doing what you love and are passionate about.  I have always loved art.  It only makes sense that I would create it for myself and other