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Always Take Advantage of Business Opportunities

Kyesha Williams is a  serial entrepreneur and Founder of Wealthy Women Elite Consulting, she is a business bestie and mentor to millennial entrepreneurial women and teens from Minnesota down to Texas; Born in East St Louis Kyesha Williams is a firm believer that as women when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you can take over the world! Creator of “Level Up 21 Days to Success Bootcamp” and ”Young, confident & PAID” built around confidence, motivation, and accountability to give you the jumpstart you need to stop planning and start doing as you level up while growing yourself and business to get out of your own way while collaborating with others to get ahead is just one of many ways she makes an impact on this planet.

Former statistic, teen mom of 3 kids, under 3 years old by the age of 22 and domestic abuse warrior she knows that your story is only a stepping stone to your success. Valuing the power of transparency, although quite Kyesha will not hold back her truth to make you comfortable in your lies, in-fact she insists that you stop caring about what a hater got to say about you and live your best life unapologetically. Now mother of a teenage girl herself she ask that everybody says a prayer for her. Family time and entertaining friends is a must as she has discovered the value of self worth in world full of imposters.

As she creates a powerful movement to change the way women of color are perceived in the household one goddess at a time, she truly believes that no matter what you have been through or where you have been, life resets every day. Yesterday is gone forever, tomorrow may never come so today put your big girl panties on and make it happen!