Bringing Love Back to HairCare Maintenance


My name is Christina Glasper, the name of my is Glasper Hair Creations. I am a licensed Cosmetologist from Illinois. My absolute passion was always centered around the beauty industry. I always enjoyed creating and mixing up things since childhood. Later in my life journey I decided to pursue the field of Cosmetology. I then became inspired from other people who had very healthy long hair to embark on my own hair journey.  I too experienced at one time some hair issues, so through trial and error I created a hair oil that not only addressed my hair issues but grew my hair at the same time.

My hair became stronger and healthier and it became the topic of discussion. I came across clients that needed some help with hair issues such as traction alopecia, hair fall, and mild baldness. I was elated to recommend my hair oil to try. It just gives me such joy to be able to use my natural talent to help and transform other individuals’ lives.