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Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author Kimberly M McLemore, CEO Women’s Small Business Initiative, LLC, Co-Founder of  T.A.L.K. Radio & TV LLP, Speaker, Podcast & Radio/TV Show Host

I come from a family of entrepreneurship, father has been in business for 50 years. But my parents raised me to put God first, be strong make no excuses and treat others the way you want to be treated, live your dreams and be happy. My name is Kimberly Michelle McLemore, originally from Davenport, IA, youngest of two, single parent, to an amazing 30-year-old son, military veteran, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker.

As a previous victim of abuse, my journey in life has been beyond what I could have ever expected or anticipated. Every day for several years I walked in the shadow of death knowing there was a man who thought I was no longer worthy of living. As I am a living witness today God had other ideas for me and continued to bless me with life. So, I could tell my story to all willing to listen but not maintain the victim mentality but the "shero" mentality. Domestic violence has no particular look. It does not discriminate, it’s about control and until you take back that control and have faith and confidence in you your life will be a journey of disbelief and suffering. Lead with love, forgive that individual and that the forgiveness is for you and know God will continue to guide you to have a healthy and full abundant life.

As a small business consultant, certified self-publishing trainer and book coach, my purpose is to help others become successful, dare to be fearless. Teaching women and men how to move forward and not stay stagnant after a tragedy. Stop being the victim know there is a purpose in life. By doing this I teach people how to tell their story teaching them to write their own book and then self-publish, market the book, and teach them how to become a small business entrepreneur at the same time. I inspire others every day to live and stop putting limits on themselves, enjoy the journey with the good and the bad. Learn from them and know that you are living a legacy of truth and purpose.

“Dare to be Fearless and stop being the victim. Know that you are worthy and understand you do not have to conform to what society and others expect of you.”