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Changing the Lives and Mindset of My Clients Keeps Me Going

SheNesia (Nesi) Ewing, is an award winning and Certified Transitional Life Coach, international empowerment speaker, and author. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters in Sports & Health Science. She is currently working on her Applied Doctoral Project for her Doctorate in Psychology. Life Coach Nesi started UncoveringtheNewU, LLC in 2010 and completed Life Coaching School in June 2016.

As a Life Coach, Nesi envisioned herself teaching women how to transition into their desired transformation through changing their perspective of how they see, react, and resolve the challenges of life. She debuted her transition to transformational university DreamersU in 2018, which includes her signature 7-week program called, “Uncovering a Purpose and Passion” provides 7 solution-oriented empowerment techniques, life skills, & empowerment to find self.

She is the author of “UncoveringTheNewU, Change your mind, Change your circumstances,” a Health and Wellness writer in the Life Coach Network Magazine, a contributor to the book, “I Want to Quit my Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Tips for Massive Results While Employed,” she has been featured in Dimensioned Wellness Newsletters, Life Coach Network "Coaches Scope", selected as Wellness Life Coach of the Year, Interviewed for Dear Pinq YouTube channel, and Beauty Life and Wellness for Health & Wellness Blogs and fitness tips, in addition to multiple podcasts, and radio stations. She has been invited to events across Atlanta, GA, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas.

Most recently Life Coach Nesi has been motivating and sharing her expertise globally. She has visited Dubai UAE, Paris, France, and preparing for her third international debut in Johannesburg, Africa in 2019. She has also launched her DreamersU Network to connect transitioning & transforming minds to share tools on how to handle adversity through changing perspective.