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Girl Boss and Leadership for Women Soccer Coaches

Sarah Wolfer is the CEO and Founder of Girl Boss Sports, a Professional Tackle Football Player with the Seattle Majestics, and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in WA state.

Sports have always played a major role in Sarah’s life - beginning at the age of 4 when she first began to play soccer. Over the course of her life, Sarah has found that many of the lessons she learned through her sports journey also taught her many skills that helped her find success as a woman in this world. Through sports, Sarah learned the importance of leadership, confidence, communication, and teamwork - all of which helped her successfully run several programs in the nonprofit sector during the time of her life when social work was her primary career focus.

Sarah also learned that there are many parallels between the barriers that women face in the sports world and in the workplace. When Sarah fought for and secured equal pay, it reminded her how important it is that girls are raised to know their worth and that they are taught skills to help them negotiate success in the male-dominated world we live in. After being labeled as “too assertive” for asking to be paid equally to two men at a prior company, Sarah became even more passionate about supporting girls and women along their journeys to live to their full potential and achieve their goals.

Because of these life experiences and several others, Sarah founded Girl Boss Sports in Seattle, WA. Girl Boss Sports is a soccer coaching company that provides a variety of soccer experiences FOR girls BY women. Girl Boss Sport has two goals: 1) To increase the number of female sports coaches in this world as there are way too few (for example only 21% of soccer coaches in the US are women), and 2) To keep girls in sports. By the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys, yet when we look at the C-Suite, we find that a significant percentage of female executives report a history of sports during their teenage years (and according to one study - 52% have played at the University level). In addition to the soccer-specific skills that are taught, Girl Boss Sports also focuses on mentality, leadership, confidence, communication, and teamwork, all of which lead to success on AND off the soccer field for the Girl Boss Sports athletes.

As a current athlete herself, Sarah understands the challenges that come with being a female athlete in a male-dominated industry such as this. In 2018, Sarah made the decision to try out for the Seattle Majestics Professional Tackle Football team. Having never played football before, this was a challenge in and of itself, but Sarah is rocking #29 this year as a rookie with the team. Sarah is a wide-receiver, cornerback, and kicker with the Majestics, who are part of the Women’s National Football Conference. The WNFC was recently sponsored by the Adidas “She Breaks Barriers” campaign, and Sarah is excited to live up to this value day in and day out - in her work and as an athlete.