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Holding Herself Accountable to Write The Funny Side of Life

Kellie Watkins is an author, blogger, editor, writer, co-owner of Jahphut, a small publishing company, and cupcake connoisseur; living in Washington, DC with her beautiful family of humans, roosters, lions and wolves in a three-level home, entrapped in a lopsided mortgage. She is the author of If These Shoes Could Talk: The Awakening and Savvy Diva’s Take On…44 Days of Random Thoughts and Observations, under her penname, Jahzara the Savvy Diva. The jaw dropping novel and quirky collection of short stories was birthed from her unique outlook on life and her dramatic pursuit of happiness.

The savvy diva knew since the moment she received accolades and laughter from her comedic short stories in grade school, that she wanted to be a writer. Passionate about the sweet taste of cake and cupcakes with butter crème frosting paved a creative yet intuitive journey for her writing as she discovered unique variations to describe her love for delectable milk chocolate. She would later learn in her early twenties that she was addicted to the continuous tingling sensation she felt upon consumption of both her writing and sweet chocolate desserts.

Every week, the savvy diva shares her random thoughts, experiences and words of inspirational wisdom through her blog and social media platforms. She teaches creative writing workshops in her community, is a contributing writer for an online magazine, Purpose Driven Women, and has started book-consulting services for the savvy writer who is inspired, but stalled in their journey. Kellie Watkins holds a Master’s of Creative Writing Degree from Full Sail University and a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Journalism & Mass Media and Communications from the University of the District of Columbia.