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Leaders are Made: Be a Great One

My name is Maggie Perotin. I immigrated to Canada from Poland in 2005. My moving trip was the first time I had ever flown a plane, which tells you that I had never been to North America before that. I speak fluently 3 languages: English French and Polish. While looking for employment, I was hired for my first job by a wonderful woman. She took a chance on a young scared newcomer who did not know much about Canadian culture or Facility Management industry for that matter but was smart and hungry to learn. She became my mentor, best friend, and taught me people leadership skills that today are my passion.

Professionally, for the past 11 years, I have been working for BGIS Global Integrated Solutions It’s a Canadian national leader in Facility Management industry. In my current role, Director of Operations, Service Excellence, I lead a Team of over 25 people in Tech Services Division that supports BGIS’s 320 skilled trades employees and their managers across Canada. My Team is small but mighty. In December 2018, I have opened passion-lead coaching and consulting business Stairway to Leadership. My mission is to inspire and enable business leaders to build mission-driven, people-oriented, and healthy organizations that bring true value to their customers.

In my career, I have learned, experienced and proven that with a great skilled leader a team can be happy at work, successfully go through change, love what they do while delivering incredible results for the business. I believe that great leaders are made. Being great in anything requires skills building, dedication, discipline and practice. My coaching & training programs are centered around helping my clients build their leadership and management excellence. For the past 15 years, I have been leading Teams ranging from 2 to 30 people in a corporate environment. Most of them were under my direct umbrella but not all. Some reported to me via dotted line, and one was even under a direct competitor with whom we worked for one of our common clients. I have led 24/7/365 client-facing environments and teams that successfully supported service delivery for hundreds of others across Canada. I had also a privilege to manage a large portfolio of properties in the Greater Toronto Area where I was responsible for ongoing operations and maintenance as well small to medium sized construction project delivery.

In my personal life, I am a mother of a blended family with 4 kids. To balance my professional and private life I have become a master in time management, planning and scheduling. My passions are spending quality time with my family, cuisine of the world as well as reading, personal growth and giving back. One of the ways I give back to the community I live in is by volunteering on the board of directors at the Women’s Multicultural Resource & Counselling Centre of Durham. We provide counselling and support to women of all ages, youth and children from diverse backgrounds, to eradicate violence, to re-build their lives, and to enable them to become contributing members of society.