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Make the World Beautiful with Creative Makeup Artistry

Hayley Young  is an international hair and makeup artist based in Yorkshire, England. She has had a huge varied career working in everything from film and television to theatre and fashion shoots.

I'm a full time self employed hair and make up artist. I work in film, television and theatre. I have also worked in fashion and beauty. I'm lucky enough to of worked internationally and had photo shoots published in international magazines too!

Hayley has a degree in makeup artistry and special effects and since leaving university has worked freelance in the industry. Some of her favorite places to work have been America, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. She began her career self-employed and early on had her first taste of international work when she accepted a position teaching at a theatre school in New York State. She has had a mixture of freelance work and employment contracts in her career, some of these include media make up lecturing at her local college, working at a special effect make up company and being a wig assistant on Wicked the musical.

Hayley loves her job and admits it’s something she’s always wanted to do, she has her dream job and loves that everyday she looks forward to going to work- even when her alarm goes off at 3am. “I have my dream job, it always sounds more glamorous than what it is but everyday is different. I get too work in amazing places with some of the most creative and talented people”.

Hayley is now taking steps to starting her own make up school so she can share her expertise and experience with other budding makeup artists.