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Not Broken Yet: A Conqueror of Domestic Violence

My name is Martha Young I am from Hammond Louisiana but reside in Texas I am the oldest of five siblings. I have four girls and one son and ten grandchildren. I was married for 15 years, lost a child to cancer, and I am a survivor of domestic violence. In 2018 I published my first book called War Story: Volume 1 with three other women. We got to tell how we survived and how we were brought out of domestic violence. I am working on my second book called He Desired Her.

It is my life story in which I talk about what I went through in my marriage as well as my thoughts and my feelings. I am currently working on being a transformation coach which is a life coach and a outreach ministry for woman. I am a motivational speaker I like to uplift people and let them know the things I went through and how I came out of my situation. I have a group called I am Not Broken, this was something I came up with. When I first started out it was to show that despite that I went through so much, in the end I am not broken; the cuts and bruises are healed but i've also healed on the inside too. I have a radio blog call Speak Out it was just for topics dealing with Domestic violence we get to talk about topics on Domestic violence and you got to share your story. Right now I am working on trying to get my speaking and my ministry off the ground and my book He Desire Her will release in June 27, 2019