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Real Estate: Get Yourself In Front of Information

Vanessa Paulino is from the Lower East Side of Manhattan NY. I was always heavily influenced and mentored by women for as long as I can remember. I attended all girls private school for most of my school career and have a better appreciation for it now that I am older. I am very fortunate to have been in front of successful women from different walks of life who took time out of their day to mentor me personally or come spread their message of empowerment to speak in my school.

My favorite memory is growing up in public New York City housing projects where I was surrounded by women of different backgrounds (mainly Hispanic and African American) always helping out each other whether it was dropping off their children to their neighbor’s door because their kids went to the same school and borrowing butter, milk or sugar when one family lacked it. I will never forget how quick a woman is to help out another person especially if she knows it will help feed more people outside of her from that one request.

My mother was always that woman to help. Sure, there were days I would confuse it for being a doormat but she would always tell me to never regret helping someone especially if you made the choice to do so. Much of my positive experience around women wasn’t always peaches and cream. I’ve personally experienced the saltiness a woman can give off especially if she wants everyone to know her wrath and pain ....I’ve been guilty of that behavior myself but it’s always great when you have people help correct and teach you how to handle situations through passive aggressiveness and poor communication skills. Life is our greatest teachers and nothing’s better than living it with a moving forward attitude.

My best lesson I learned from women from all over, every region of NY I got to live in whether it was from the country Catskills upstate to the good spots in NYC, is ‘if I eat then everybody eats. With that, I plan to continue my Real Estate Career where I get to help families and people buy their next home and develop a successful investment portfolio with the attitude of how many people can I provide a safe roof over their heads to retire and eventually teach the importance of self-love.

I began a side project two years ago where I screen print positive affirmations on t-shirts and shipped them to random girls I DMd off Instagram. The line is called How Dare You. It symbolizes How Dare You not love yourself first. And the affirmation I print is ‘I am my wealthiest asset.’ It’s a nice reminder to keep focusing on filling your cup first to then better give to others around you. Don’t lose yourself in seeking validation from others and it’s okay to move unapologetically in your truth in who you are. I don’t think everyone is special, but I do think the kind hearted and go getters minders who constantly work on bettering themselves are very special and those are people I prefer to keep around in my circle. Energy is powerful so always be conscious of who you share that with and what you allow in your space, time and emotional wellbeing.