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Sales Strategies: Ask for the Sale

Nefateria Fonda is the OWNER of Go Get It, Inc., a Christian Sales COACH, Certified AUTHENTIC SELLING INSTRUCTOR Specializing in coaching Christian Business Owners, who are building their business and want a better strategy for turning leads into future clients.

Creator of The Profit Plan™, where you work her privately create an overall strategy to locate and talk about your business with potential clients, confidently so you can experience business growth. You will leave with a diamond clear path to the profits.

Nefateria Fonda' is a SPEAKER for groups and organizations, who are looking for a speaker who's energy is infectious, with useful content that is organized and presented well and will keep your audience engaged.

Nefateria Fonda' is AUTHOR of the book How to A.C.T. (Activate Your Faith, Commit To A Plan, Take Action)That Will Change Your Life, for Jesus Loving individuals, church groups and book clubs who are interested in a self-help book that is easily read, laid out in a concise logical manner, in order to provide life-changing results. Nefateria and her book How to Activate Your Faith, Commit to a Plan and Take (ACT); That Will Change Your Life has been featured on WZBN Praise 105.5 FM and The Business Blast.

Nefateria hosts her own vlog called NEF’S NUGGET. In addition, she has a membership called The CEO LOUNGE, for driven business owners, who need accountability, coaching, and training. Plus, she provides live events, workshops and private coaching.