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Robert Thibodeau is a Leadership & Team Building expert, trainer and speaker; a veteran podcaster; an online radio host; an ordained pastor and the founder of the Evangelism Radio station, rated #1 in the world by Shoutcast.com on many occasions in the online Christian radio genre. Robert is a retired police officer/supervisor, a twelve year, US Army Veteran, serving in leadership positions as both enlisted and as a commissioned officer, Robert Thibodeau excelled in leadership training programs.

His leadership training consisted of the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy; Drill Sergeant School; serving 3+ years on Drill Sergeant status and accumulating over 4,000 platform hours of instructional time; he also attending the US Army Officer Candidate School and after leaving active service, he also served 2 years as an instructor for the Louisiana National Guard Officer Candidate School. He founded a successful insurance agency and within 5 years was ranked as the #2 producing agency in the nation by his company.  He sold that agency and then fulfilled his dream of entering law enforcement until his retirement in 2011.

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