Tips to Monetizing Your Business

Deborrah Ashley, Linkedin Trainer, and Authority Positioning Strategist and Founder of Thrivoo Marketing, Deborrah is known for helping leaders go from simply showing up to STANDING OUT as the obvious choice to attract buyers, opportunities, investors, and partners. Deborrah’s mission is to help 50,000 experts package, & monetize their genius by 2020.  A serial entrepreneur and former board member of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Black MBA Association, To date, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs make over $1 Million and generated over $300 million for businesses. She left a six-figure corporate career at age 46 to launch her business full time and has been featured in Oprah Magazine and The NY Times.

Not too long ago, I was the poster child of accomplished but invisible. Remember the movie hidden figured? YEA I could have easily played that role - Keep your head down, Work hard, Don’t ruffle too many feathers, Don't be so intimidating, and Fit in by any means necessary. I remember coming back from a trade show while working in New York’s fashion industry and creating a strategic plan for a client.  I sent it over to my Director for his insight.  Later that day, I was in his office and saw my strategic plan. SOMETHING WAS DIFFERENT!

My director had copied my EXACT plan, changed my name and submitted it as his own and my heart dropped. I felt voiceless, powerless, undervalued and sick to my stomach. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be seen as a trouble maker. Unknowingly, I was also discounting my worth. Do you know how sometimes you have to be pushed to move forward? That was my wake up call. That experience pushed me to REINVENT my LIFE, take control of my career and create my own opportunities. That’s when I starting meeting a network of people who were brilliant at what they do but because they don’t know how to position and monetize their expertise, they’re easily ignored.

I believe that we all need someone to hold us accountable along our journey and I am exceptionally blessed that I get to coach some of the most brilliant people around the world and my goal is 50,000 by 2021