Unleash Your Potential, Unleash Your Greatness

Lindsey Vertner’s drive for excellence and success push her to be an entrepreneur with many business ventures. As the founder of Lindsey Vertner, LLC, she is most passionate about her work as a personal development coach for the overwhelmed woman - where she utilizes her unique perspective and “no excuses” coaching methods to help her clients achieve new heights. She is humbled and honored by the opportunities to transform the lives of women all over the world with positive changes.

Lindsey is devoted to helping women to create a life full of purpose, balance, and happiness by empowering women to practice self-care while creating boundaries, to prioritize their goals while avoiding burnout and overwhelm, and to gain personal growth while healing limiting beliefs. Lindsey is also the co-founder of The Unleashed Woman – a nonprofit company that supports and uplifts women of all backgrounds through empowerment events and networking opportunities. A major car wreck in 2007 had multiple medics pronouncing Lindsey brain dead and paralyzed. From this traumatic experience, amongst a multitude of injuries and battling to live, Lindsey acquired an amazing and rare outlook on life.

She uses her gifts and her unparalleled perspective to push her clients towards success. As a captivating speaker and leadership consultant, not only does she motivate and inspire her audiences through her words, but she challenges and encourages them to lean on her and take action in that very moment. Lindsey serves by speaking life into others by utilizing her inspirational experiences to provide practical and actionable tips. She facilitates private workshops in the areas of: leadership development, stress management, and time management/productivity. In efforts to impact lives to the fullest level, Lindsey partnered with Max Credit Score to train with a national leading expert in credit repair.

Lindsey helps her clients achieve a 700 or higher credit score through credit building and credit restoration. While in the program, she teaches clients how to maintain positive financial habits so that they can become their own credit experts for long term success. Lindsey also spent 7 years in the direct sales industry as a Sexual Health Educator. Often a top seller amongst her team, she quickly advanced to Advanced Director. This business allowed her to educate and connect with adult women of all ages and backgrounds.

Her goal was to keep married women married, single women safe, and all women educated. Authoring her forthcoming book, “When Great Isn’t Good Enough”, Lindsey aims to help readers turn their losses into lessons. Lindsey is graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and from Liberty University with a master’s in Professional Counseling and Life Coaching. Lindsey currently resides in Indiana with her husband and two miracle children.