Untangling Bad Debt to Collect

Dee Bowden is the founder of BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery consulting firm that helps small companies make big money impacts. She’s a native of Boston, MA with over 20 years of Financial Management experience.

Dee is a 2018 graduate of the Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success School of Business program.  Dee focuses on helping companies and government agencies recover lost revenue and increase cash flow.  Dee has successfully collected over $50 million dollars for several companies and government agencies.

Dee’s career highlights include: a 2018 presenter at Deposit Your Dreams in Success Workshop held at Microsoft; a guest on Your Resource for Success Podcast Show on iHeart Radio; a digital facilitator at Success Women’s Conference 2018 with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America on the topic “How Secure is Your Cash Flow?” She also has been on the Genius Zone and Your Voice and Your Power Podcasts on Anchor.FM