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Using Poetry to Sing Our Song as Women

Stacey Ardis Dyson is a poet, acapella vocalist, playwright who specializes in the life and times of the Black woman. “Someone has to sing for my sisters. Their lives, loves, philosophy...There are centuries of stories begging to be told. I’m lucky enough to be one able to make those voices be heard”.

Ms. Dyson has done program design, residencies, workshops, and live performances in all sorts of places--Colorado, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, to name a few-- and all over San Diego. “But the stage is my natural habitat. It’s fine to tell your stories, but for me, unless I can vibe, interact with a crowd, my job is only half-done.” Author of seven collections of poetry (BLACK DIAMONDS, OBSIDIAN ICE, BLUES IN THE FIRST POSITION, WOMAN 724365, NEFERTIRI’S KISS, AND POR INNOCENCIO, and her latest, FOLLOW ME ON THIS), she has also created five CDs of poetry and spoken word. THE MADONNA OF NEVADA AVENUE, POR INNOCENCIO, A WOMAN BESIDE THE SUN, SO MANY ANGELS, and (Love Me) SAN DIEGO STYLE are poems, stories and music that “celebrate /document t/declare what it is for me to be a Black woman in this world, what it is to be an artist, how myself and my sisters navigate our lives. No, that way is not easy. But it is often joyous carries, and always carries the sanity of truth” A former Poet

Laureate for Imagination Celebration (Colorado Springs) a nominee for Poet Laureate for the State of Colorado. Founder/Lead Poet DragonsWing (Colorado Springs) and CoFounder / Lead Poet for Page to Stage: Womens Words (San Diego ) she is also a Pikes Peak Community Foundation Individual Merit Award recipient, a Colorado Women’s Playwriting Festival winner for her play FANNIE’S GIRLS: A 4-1-1 IN -5PART ATTITUDE, and a TEDx speaker. “It’s never, ever about my single voice. So, the shows and women’s workshops are extremely important to me. Especially now, our lives literally depend on knowing how to speak our truth, share our stories, bring thunder and healing with our voices. The workshops are women only (and oh, yes, I’ve caught major grief for that) because women will say and bring forth deeper parts of their souls when they’re surrounded and supported by other women. I’ve heard stories, confessions, revelations that I would never be privy to in a mixed group. Those conversations, those places have to be given due honor. They have to continue.” The beginning of June 2019 launches the beginning of her newest women’s writing and performance workshop, FIRESCRIBE.

By way of training and encouraging younger voices, Ms Dyson does residencies in schools, working with the words and voices of students from pre-K to grad school. One of her favorite spots is the San Luis School District in Colorado. “I’ve been going there for nearly 20 years, doing everything from in-school workshops to coaching the First Communion choirs for the local Catholic church. I’m actually on y way down there in a few weeks. I’ll be working with the children of the children I used to tell fairytales in kindergarten storytime.”  Long-term residencies for schools in Colorado and California have given her “the chance to see how the new hearts beat. I read some amazing material and see some unbelievable performances over the years. I hope to see hundreds more.”

Currently, Stacy is working on a tour to promote her newest collection of poetry FOLLOW ME ON THIS. Later this year….” it’s about time, believe me” …she’ll be writing a play about sisters and their relationships called AUGUST 5000.  Right now, I'm looking to take new poems and performances nation and world-wide. This is a time for women's voices to be in the wind." Currently based in San Diego, Stacy is working on her next CD, FOLLOW ME ON THIS, and launching a new women's writing and performance group called FIRESCRIBE.