mindsetYou have to have the right business mindset in order to understand how to start a new business. Additionally, you have to accept all that comes with it. How do you ensure your success? Find out now by listening to this podcast.

Rashida Gaye, CHT is a Penn State Graduate, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Life Coach, Business Coach, and EFT practitioner. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA but moved to the Seattle area almost two years ago. She has been able to build a life of love, passion and purpose despite experiencing poverty, dysfunction, and sexual abuse as a child. Her purpose and mission is to help people all around the world release the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that prevent them from achieving their dreams and goals.

She specializes in inner child hypnosis work to help clients develop the self-love, self-confidence and self-belief that is necessary to build a life or a business that they love. She also incorporates action planning to help them make their dreams a reality. Her programs for clients consist of a 6 Session New Beliefs Program, a 10 Session Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program, a 12 Session LifeSculpting Program, a 24 Session Advanced LifeSculpting Program, and a 12 Session Business Coaching Program.  All of her programs incorporate inner child hypnosis work to set a solid foundation for achieving each client’s goals.  This inner child work is so crucial to each client’s success because it is the unhealed wounds from childhood that prevent people from achieving the highest vision for their lives. She also hosts a weekly Google Hangout with different topics designed to help people improve their lives and their businesses. For more information about the inner child work and the various programs that she offers, schedule a free complimentary discovery session by visiting her

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