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The Power of Mediation

MediationCandace Simpson is the Mediator, Facilitator and President of Resolving Together, LLC.

Candace Simpson has been a champion for Alternative Dispute Resolution for many years. Over the years, she has successfully mediated a myriad of cases with issues ranging from employment, landlord- tenant, contract, credit and finances disputes to all forms of family relationships, and cohabitation issues.

She has earned a Master’s degree in Conflict Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has also completed over one hundred and eighty hours of training in various aspects of Dispute Resolution such as Basic Mediation, Divorce Mediation, Facilitation, and Arbitration. She continues to hone her craft and stay abreast of the constant changes in the Alternative Dispute Resolution field, by participating in at least twelve hours of continuing education activities per year. She is also an active member of various mediation based organizations.

Candace is a certified Mediator with Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution. A Practitioner level member of the national mediation organization, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). The Practitioner level membership is dedicated to those mediators who have completed at least 40 hours of conflict resolution training and have at least three years of mediation experience. Candace has been a member and Diversity Awareness Chairperson, for the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence (MPME) organization. In addition, she served as a member and Co-Chairperson for the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution’s Diversity Committee (MCDR). Aside from being an active member in organizations geared toward the progression of mediation, Candace also participates in various volunteer activities. She is a volunteer mediator for the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County (CRCMC) as well as for CALM, Inc., The Frederick Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center.

When describing her mediation style, Candace maintains that “I am not just a solution focused mediator. I believe in using effective communication to get to the heart of a matter. This will help each party understand one another’s views, generate a healthy discussion, and brainstorm possible solutions that work for both parties. My goal is to help people in conflict, see past their positions and recognize their shared interests”. Candace prides herself on providing a unique prospective and approach to mediation that those who complete the process can appreciate and hopefully use in the future.

The Power Conference: Women Doing Business 

Thursday, September 7, 2017
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Eastern Time


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