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Bringing Together the Military, Law Enforcement, Leadership, and Team Development

Chris Jordan is the Executive Leader of TeamCNE, LLC, an independent Executive Leadership and Life Coaching firm. TeamCNE, LLC specializes in training, equipping and motivating people to reach and exceed their goals professionally and personally.

Chris is a passion driven leader who excels at encouraging and empowering everyone he comes in contact with. Chris helps people to reach for their God-given purpose and excel in it!

Chris has over 22 years of public service experience with the Air Force and a local county police agency that have helped him develop in every area of the people business. Chris connects with people effectively and efficiently in any situation. He asks questions that dig deep into root causes, not just to try to placate a person or situation, but to begin to help solve a problem. Chris listens ‘between the lines’ and is able to read a person or situation clearly and quickly. He has the perception needed to be direct, yet caring; to be positive even while challenging you.

Even before his public service, Chris had life experiences that taught him, sometimes painfully, the delicate nature of humanity. He has incorporated these life lessons into his coaching, speaking and training. This has given Chris the unique ability to create interactive and engaging opportunities for others.

Almost five years ago, Chris had a life altering moment. In that moment his life took on a whole new trajectory. Chris began to realize this life wasn’t ‘what was in it for me’, but instead how he could help others to achieve the success they deserved in any and every aspect of their lives. Chris has been coaching, speaking and training for over 20 years within the sectors of life he has been in, and now he works full-time providing people with the encouragement and empowerment they need to fulfill their purpose.

Chris invested in himself and became certified with the John Maxwell Team and continues to be mentored and coached by a team of the best coaches, speakers and trainers in the world. This affords him the opportunity to provide the best training available to you. Chris uses a variety of methods to bring an experience to you, your team, your business or organization, and to your life. You will leave any time you spend with Chris renewed and ready to put your dreams to the test!

Chris is currently the Executive Leader of TeamCNE, a team of 7 people from across the nation who are driven to train, equip and motivate people to live out their purpose. This team was established as a result of relationships built around the ministry Chris and his wife, Emily, lead called CNEMinistry. Along with his certification with the John Maxwell Team, Chris holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Public Affairs from the Community College of the Air Force, a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Management, Public Safety Executive Leadership Program, from Johns Hopkins University, and he holds a Graduate Level Certificate in Christian Ministry from Liberty University.

Chris and Emily currently live in the Baltimore, MD area and their vision for TeamCNE is to be able to provide CNEMinistry with the financial support for low, or no-cost, training to be given in those areas that need it most.


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