Striving to be President of My Own Company

Ernez "Nezie" Crayton, dubbed Mr. President by his family, is a Youth Entrepreneur Apprentice. Although his birth certificate states clearly in black and white that this Generation Z, also described as iGen kid, is a mere 11 years old, Nezie's conversation is more like that of a 30 year old. With his fresh youthful mind that comes without fear, he continually states that he too will be president someday, whether it is president of his own company or of the United States, being influenced by his parents, Ernez's entrepreneurial spirit has taken flight.

As Ernez travels the country alongside his mother on her book tours, speaking engagements, cupcake or press events and sometimes co-hosting on her radio show, he envisions to one-day make a name for himself as he runs his own company and serves his community. Ernez already pictures himself in higher positions as he has already named himself as manager of his mother's baking company and thinks he's the producer of her radio show. To fulfill his love of the finer things and to live a more comfortable lifestyle, Ernez understands he must put in work to achieve all ofhis goals.

For his first paid assignment, he was hired to give the Welcome and Opening Prayer at The LEAP Don't Look 2017 Tour held at The Resort At Pelican Hill on the Newport Coast of California. Ernez just completed a 7 city nationwide book tour of his own, starting in Chicago, Carson, Los Angeles and Ontario California, Atlanta, South Carolina and Dallas. Ernez also has his own clothing line called I Am King. Ernez learned the power of prayer from his mother and his paternal grandmother Barbara A Allen. Ernez is a California native where he lives with his parents and is the only young man amongst 3 older sisters, all of whom he loves dearly.

He enjoys going to the movies and playing basketball with his father, as well as daily Facetime calls with his college student sister. He also enjoys, making animation movies, LIVE stream gaming, making YouTube videos and playing Fornite with friends online. Ernez is a middle schooler and loves all the day to day activities that middle school brings.