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School Psychology: Changing the Spectrum for Families with Autistic Children

Born in New York but raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, April J. Lisbon, Ed.D. has worked tirelessly to advocate for the needs of children.

Her passion for children began when she was a teenager working at a local orphanage on St. Croix. This in turn led her on her initial journey to becoming an educator during her studies at The Florida State University. Dr. Lisbon is an active public education school psychologist and mentor to new teachers. It is out of her passion for families that Dr. Lisbon has embarked on a journey to help families and caregivers relieve fears associated with caring for children with (twice) exceptional needs.

Dr. Lisbon is a family coach and empowerment speaker who helps motivate and equip families of a child(ren) with (twice) exceptional needs with knowledge on how to purposefully develop and practice self-care skills while passionately living a healthier lifestyle in their career(s), relationship(s), and health/wellness. Most recently, she has expanded her vision to support mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as they work tirelessly to navigate the highs and lows often associated with parenting a child with ASD. Her emphasis centers on helping these mothers find the emotional, social, mental, physical, and financial balance that is necessary to care for a child(ren) with ASD.

Her most recent book, “Stretched Thin: Finding Balance Working and Parenting Children with Special Needs” was birthed out of her own lived experience as a parent raising two children with exceptional needs, one with ASD.

Dr. Lisbon’s vision is to one day inspire one (1) million families to discover that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of their child(ren) and other families with twice exceptional needs.


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4 Replies to “BMWOC3 – School Psychology: Changing the Spectrum for Families with Autistic Children”

  1. I have been following Dr. Lisbon for a few months: her writings, interviews and feedback. Her podcast in solidifies why I do. Consequently, I cast my vote for her in this category.

    ~ Magalie A. Pinney

  2. I am voting for Dr. Lisbon-Peoples in the category of Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work. Her topic shows the delicate balance of parenting children with special needs.

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