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Cuddlespoons and the Rights of Disabled Persons

I’m the proud owner of Cuddle Spoons and a professional caregiver and administrator for seniors with a variety of disabilities. I’ve been on both sides of home health. This experience has definitely assisted me in marketing and advertising these great spoons. My long time partner, Ken Vantroba, created Cuddle Spoons and is also physically disabled. Our personal relationship and love affair is going in 22 years now. We met 10 years after his stroke and this most certainly gives me hands on perspective and the utmost respect for those in the disability community. I started my career in the Navy, received my honorable discharge and moved into IT. Using those skills I moved into an Administrative Management position and HR. I must say that my proudest achievement is being involved with Ken and Cuddle Spoons. Helping those around us is inspiring and fulfilling!


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