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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – STEM/IT

InclusionDr. Danielle Jenkins, President of Integrity Management and Consulting Group (Integrity MCG), an organization that develops innovative solutions utilizing technology to help organizations and their leaders thrive, is an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in the IT/STEM industry.

Danielle is determined to create a bridge between workers, leaders, and organizations by providing services and products that harness Human Capital and creating transformative solutions to today’s workplace challenges.

Dr. Jenkins is an international speaker with 17 years of combined experiences in organizational leadership/development, HR Management, project management, employment, labor and commercial law, dispute resolution and negotiation. Through Integrity MCG, Dr. Jenkins provides organizations with Corporate Culture Management, Diversity Training and Leadership Development and professional women with Executive Coaching.

Through the knowledge and innovative strategies that Dr. Jenkins has shared, she has assisted, both men and women, develop and advance to leadership positions and become more effective and confident leaders. Dr. Danielle Jenkins, an advocate determined to discover and proffer REAL solutions that will help close the diversity and gender gap in the IT/STEM industry.


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