DiversityAfter many years of discussion on this topic, the world still does not have a full understanding about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), what it really means, and how to properly adopt it in the workplace. Some would argue that the term DEI is distinguished from discrimination by the adoption of defined labor laws that protects employee rights and promote inclusion. If so, how would an organization define proper DEI guidelines for their employees in the workplace? For many, this proposes a challenge to communicate what this term really means to different people and managers. As a result, the ongoing conversation between DEI and discrimination remains blurred.

In this podcast segment, Storme Gray will share her experiences and opinion regarding this topic.

Storme Gray is a a native of Camden, NJ, and a graduate of American University, She has spent the majority of her career within the philanthropic sector focused on supporting initiatives, programs, and non-­profits that help undeserved communities; specifically as a connector of people, organizations, and ideas that yield strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts to effect greater systemic change.

Storme is very passionate about the philanthropic sector’s unique position to serve as a vehicle for social change and equity. It is her belief that in order to see the kind of large­-scale systems and infrastructure change needed to make substantial advancements on the racial and social justice fronts, multiple stakeholders from a variety of sectors must all have a voice in these critical conversations. It is only through the collaboration of these diverse groups that we might be able to establish the foundation through which knowledge, experience, and perspectives can be shared, ensuring more inclusive and concerted future efforts.

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